coolheat rugs

Just to say we are delighted with Folly’s new Cool heat rug. She is a rescued mare moved to a new field with Noddy her Shetland pal. She loves to roll but the new rug remains beautifully in place and is an excellent fit.

Alison worked with Cynthia in Tasmania, so knew the benefits of the rugs first hand.

We are pleased to recommend this rug and thank you for bothering to research the products you sell.

Sara Sherwood, January 2016

Thank you has arrived and a perfect fit. I bought one for my older horse last year and all he wore during wet days was his coolheat rug. His coat is amazing and no horrible dandruff for the first time in 16 years. Shows the effect of conventional rugs have on horses skin and coat.

Shirley M, September 2015

I eventually got round to contacting you regarding the cool heat rugs I purchased from you a few months ago. I would just like to say thank you!!! They are fabulous and I have been recommending them to everyone. Not only do they do exactly what they are designed to do but they are of great quality and even though my boys play rough and usually have tears in their rugs made by the others teeth, they are still immaculate. They were living out till just before Christmas when I brought them in to save the fields and they were happy and warm whatever the weather, heavy rain, wind and sunshine! Thanks again and I will continue to recommend them to everyone.

Karen Whittaker

Such a fast delivery and super service! The magnet/buisness card is on my fridge! Thanks!!

Marjolein in Belgium, February 2014

I bought my cool/heat rug along with a bottle of Bish as I knew I would be getting rips as the field my horse is kept in has barbed wire. I bought some horse rug patches (from ebay) to go with it. I have used Bish to patch many times since, it won’t stick nylon to nylon, you need to use the ‘rough’ side of the patch but once it’s stuck it’s stuck. My rug has been through the wash and the patches still haven’t come off. It is a really good product. – Tip don’t try using in the rain on a wet rug- the rug needs to be dry(ish) and it works better in a warm room not outside! This product has definitely prolonged the life of my rug I am really pleased with it and would recommend.

I will keep my eyes open for the new rug in Autumn as if I am patching one it might be handy to have a spare! (Unless we have a field shelter built by then!) There is no other rug like it and has been worth every penny for me.

Catherine Fahy, February 2013

Only had the rug a few days really, but just wanted to say that although I would love to be able to keep my boy rug free and completely natural, this isn’t really practical and I am very pleased so far with the alternative. These are my findings after only 4 days of wear on my 24/7 turned-out holsteiner.


  1. I was fence-sitting with the size, but am pleased to note that the smaller size (6′) – which i went with – is very generous and fits him perfectly with plenty of strap space to fatten into.
  2. The muddy area of his field is flattened in places with little indentations from the rug inserts and his rug is nicely caked, showing he’s taking advantage of the massage effect and clearly likes to roll in it – and it hasn’t shifted.
  3. I put the rug on him when he was filthy – okay he’s bay so dirt doesn’t really show, but caked mud does! – and when i took it off the next day to ride him, his body was clean – that was time saving!
  4. His hairs aren’t lying flat like with other rugs – he’s all fluffy looking which i love. Not only as it looks cute, but because i know he is able to regulate his own temperature.
  5. His body is nice and cool to the touch and completely dry – given the rubbish weather we are having.


– not found any yet.

I know I should wait a little longer before I review something, but it appears this rug is holding up to its promise.

Anne & Conto on the CoolHeat Rug

…my friend also tells me it’s the only rug her Arab has accepted without pulling faces, which says a lot about it’s comfort!

October 2010

I am very pleased with the cool heat rug. It really lives up to its claims. Great product, many thanks.

October 2010

My most favourite thing about them (cool heat rugs) is that both Kit and Shiraz now have the most glossy winter coats I have ever seen. Previously, I have struggled with dull scurfy coats on my rugged horses. Fingers crossed, so far no mane loss or any rug rubs.

They are very lightweight and waterproof too. Yahoo another plus!! I will definitely replace all my rugs with these in time.

Kim on her New CoolHeat Rugs

I’ve now had one for a couple of months, and it is certainly having a test in this weather! It first went on in late October and was brilliant in the variable temperatures in November (remember when it was warm?!). I was away for a week and didn’t have to worry about someone thinking about changing rugs for me. In this very cold weather I do have a 100 gram turnout over the top, as we can only turn and run around out for a couple of hours a day, and her ladyship is warm and snug in that combination. When the hunt met at the yard and she got in a muck sweat climbing the walls with excitement, she was dripping – and dried off in a civilised fashion without soaking the rug or getting chilled.

It has been particularly interesting to compare with other horses I’ve been ETing (Equine Touch Therapy) recently. I’ve come across some wearing five rugs! – and the owner says the horse is still not warm. My observation is that quite often the bottom rug is one with a polyester lining, which is very slightly damp – from the poor horse sweating when it does move around? – leaving it feeling very cold to the touch. Fair dos, clipped thoroughbreds do need more rugging than my unclipped Irish Draught, and I can’t comment on how the Cool Heat would work on a clipped horse with no hair for self regulation – but I rather suspect that it would still be good as the bottom layer, keeping the horse dry and allowing some air circulation, and any number of stable rugs could go on top.

So in response to people who enquired or commented, I am a total convert. Little niggles, of course. I reserve judgement as to how robust the lining with the spacers is. It is a fairly thin layer and I fear susceptible to tearing. And it would be nice to have a clip rather than buckle fastening at the front. But it is well cut and constructed. The “carrots” – the spacers (which happen to be orange) – haven’t caused any rubbing at all, and there is none of the usual hair rubbing on the shoulders. The spacers do ruffle the coat slightly, so when you take the rug off, the horse looks a little like a zebra, but that brushes out. And, given my less than fastidious grooming regime, her coat does look rather greasily dirty, because it is not being constantly polished by a rug lining. But that is cosmetic and not a functional matter.

I have no vested interest in these rugs other than thinking that they are a Good Thing for horses, and I’d love other people to make them another Gift to their Horse alongside ET (Equine Touch).

Jennifer Zarek on the CoolHeat Rug, Posted on the Equine Touch Forum