product development & testing

Whether you are seeking to improve the design of an existing product, needing to identify and resolve an on-going product issue or just wanting to understand how your new product line will hold up in real life situations Intelligent Horsecare can work with you to help develop your product further to make the lives of horses and their owners happier and healthier.

development – reviewing & refining what works, and what doesn’t

Here at Intelligent Horsecare we are horse caregivers first and foremost, whether tiny or tall, draft to donkey if it’s got equine dna we’ve probably met it. Caring for and riding horses on two continents very much poles apart we have experienced first-hand the challenges various climates, environments, and cultural practises can impose on equine husbandry and welfare. Our horses have come to us over the years from top breeders to rescues centres, and even on occasion slaughter yards. With no preference of breed, age or gender, we have lived with and care for all shapes and sizes and have practical first-hand experience of special needs equines be they elder, young, equines with genetic mutation or malformation as well as those with serious medical injury and behavioural or psychological issues. We have raised foals, nursed invalids and generally sort to leave the equines the cross our path happier and healthier for the experience. This life time of practical knowledge allows us to view and assess your product, its application and functionality from many angles not just looking at its primary purpose but exploring other applications, aspects or enhancements of your product broadening its use and appeal within the equine market.

This wealth of experience allows us to work with your to refine and develop your product beyond its present functionality to better meet the needs and demand of horses and their owners or offer market driven product proposals to meet the needs of horses owners not yet available within your existing product range.


Wanting to see how your product will hold up in real-life situations or needing to better understand how end users perceive the functionality and performance of your product? Intelligent Horsecare can help. Offering end user testing with a wide variety of horses and owners of various levels of experience we can put your product to the test and see if it makes the grade. Money is tighter than even and horse owners are shopping around to make their budget stretch further. Before launching that pretty packaging why not invest in find out what real equine owners and care providers think of your products, product testing allows you the opportunity to detect design issues before the launch improving product functionality, saving you the hassle of post-launch tweaks and loss of customers caused through negative feedback, after all what better testament to the quality of your product than a happy customer and healthy horse.

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