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Published: Thursday, 22 July 2010 | Written by: intellig

Last week we got together with friends and arranged a visit from our equine dentist. The baby teeth were in order, little caps sitting on top of grown up molars, waiting to fall out. The examination was a strange but pleasant experience in Freckles life.

Unfortunately all four newcomers to our little equine community needed significant amounts of work. All had sharp edges causing lacerations, and one rotten tooth had to be removed. It doesn’t bear thinking about bridles pressing against jagged edges or the discomfort of chewing with open ulcers, and the incredible thing is they all came from loving homes where they were treasured.

Perhaps its still not appreciated how much regular check ups are a basic necessity. The symptoms of a dental problem can be subtle and easily misconstrued as naughtiness, however, strange but true, even your equine podiatrist might suggest a dental check as the stress and bacteria around ulcers, decay and nerve pain can cause inflammation affecting the feet!

Safer to have a regular appointment with a qualified dentist and relax knowing your horse has a comfortable mouth.

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