daring to bare

Published: Sunday, 1 July 2012 | Written by: Sylvia

We all love to slip off our shoes after a long day and give our feet some time out, but taking your horse barefoot isn’t as simple that. Before you undertake the process of returning your horse to a more natural state take some time to do a bit research. Learn the difference between a conventional pasture trim and a natural barefoot trim. Barefoot Horse is a great online resource, it offers advice on what to expect during transition as well as the key questions to be asking of anyone trimming your horses. Best of all it walks you through the natural trimming process, so you can develop a grounded understand of what is happening when rasp is put to hoof.

About the author

Somewhat eccentric southern African, who when not discussing horses, photographing horses, debating issues relating to horses, can be found out in the pasture with the horses (her's or someone else's). In those brief moments when horses are not the topic of conversation you’ll find dogs being walked, escaped sheep being sought, bales rolled by hand across awkward fields or the weird and wonderful foundlings of the wild world that have arrived in her kitchen for care being rehabilitated for release.

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