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Contact Us

If you have any questions, would like any additional information about our products or just would like to let us know how you and your horse are getting on feel free to contact us via email for a chat over a cuppa.

We do our very best to answer any calls and voicemail, but live in a bit of a telecommunication grey area and it’s not always possible to answer the phone and drive a tractor with your knees or chat while using a sheepdog whistle. If you don’t hear back from us within a couple of days please do email.

While we only stock products we use with our own horses, we have researched hundreds of products on the market to find these items, if you’re looking for something specific to meet your needs and you don’t see it on our site or are wanting something specific and are having trouble sourcing it why not send us an email; we have a large network of resources, if we can’t find it for you we’ll probably be able to signpost you to someone who can.

We’re always looking for new products to help keep our horses healthy and make day-to-day chores a little easier. If you’ve found a product you can’t live without and think we should be stocking it, don’t keep it a secret. Tell us about it!