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Naturally Smarter Horsecare Products

welcome to intelligent horsecare

We’ve searched far and wide, to find the best solutions to make keeping horses that little easier and our horses’ lives a little healthier, while aiming to seek the most natural solutions, finally choosing products that what best met our (and most importantly, our horses’) needs.

Many of these items were often difficult to source and had to be specially imported, some we liked so much that we decided to share them with other horse owners here in the UK. We hope you’ll find these items as helpful as we have with the dilemmas of domestic horse-keeping.

customer reviews

Just to say we are delighted with Folly’s new Cool heat rug. She is a rescued mare moved to a new field with Noddy her Shetland pal. She loves to roll but the new rug remains beautifully in place and is an excellent fit. Alison worked with Cynthia in Tasmania, so knew the benefits of the rugs first hand. We are pleased to recommend this rug and thank you for bothering to research the products you sell.
Thank you has arrived and a perfect fit. I bought one for my older horse last year and all he wore during wet days was his coolheat rug. His coat is amazing and no horrible dandruff for the first time in 16 years. Shows the effect of conventional rugs have on horses skin and coat.
I eventually got round to contacting you regarding the cool heat rugs I purchased from you a few months ago. I would just like to say thank you!!! They are fabulous and I have been recommending them to everyone. Not only do they do exactly what they are designed to do but they are of great quality and even though my boys play rough and usually have tears in their rugs made by the others teeth, they are still immaculate. They were living out till just before Christmas when I brought them in to save the fields and they were happy and warm whatever the weather, heavy rain, wind and sunshine! Thanks again and I will continue to recommend them to everyone.
I bought my cool/heat rug along with a bottle of Bish as I knew I would be getting rips as the field my horse is kept in has barbed wire. I bought some horse rug patches (from ebay) to go with it. I have used Bish to patch many times since, it won’t stick nylon to nylon, you need to use the ‘rough’ side of the patch but once it’s stuck it’s stuck. My rug has been through the wash and the patches still haven’t come off. It is a really good product. – Tip don’t try using in the rain on a wet rug- the rug needs to be dry(ish) and it works better in a warm room not outside! This product has definitely prolonged the life of my rug I am really pleased with it and would recommend.
Such a fast delivery and super service! The magnet/buisness card is on my fridge! Thanks!!
Such speedy delivery, and Sylvia was a joy to work with. Thank you Intelligent Horsecare.