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Us girls all love all things sparkly, but here at IH we like to balance the trend for sparkly hoof oil and pink wheelbarrows by highlighting some genuinely beneficial products. We believe these companies are doing a great job to help promote naturally happy and health horses and they deserve as much support as possible. The information, products and services they offer have been of use for us in caring for our own horses and we hope you’ll take a few minutes on a rainy night to see what they have to offer.

shoes with a difference – the best of both worlds

Published: Saturday, 1 September 2012 | Written by: Sylvia

For those horses where barefoot just isn’t an option we recommend Epona shoes as an alternative to conventional shoes. They provide some of the benefits of barefoot along with the protection of a shoe. This can be very useful for the early stages of transitioning or as a long term compromise for on-going issues. If your farrier doesn’t know about this product why not put him in touch with the UK distributor Hoof-Help, Sally Bell not only distributes this product but as qualified equine podiatrist she has first-hand experience of its use and application in a wide variety of equine situations.

Got a Sweet Itch?

Published: Monday, 27 August 2012 | Written by: Sylvia

Equine Podiatrist, Richard Viallas, has developed a promising product that offers relief to sweet itch sufferers. Itchy equines here is one for you! Get your owners to visit his website SweetRelief for more details on this product and to results of his trials.

daring to bare

Published: Sunday, 1 July 2012 | Written by: Sylvia

We all love to slip off our shoes after a long day and give our feet some time out, but taking your horse barefoot isn’t as simple that. Before you undertake the process of returning your horse to a more natural state take some time to do a bit research. Learn the difference between a conventional pasture trim and a natural barefoot trim. Barefoot Horse is a great online resource, it offers advice on what to expect during transition as well as the key questions to be asking of anyone trimming your horses. Best of all it walks you through the natural trimming process, so you can develop a grounded understand of what is happening when rasp is put to hoof.

Healthy Hooves

Published: Wednesday, 18 May 2011 | Written by: Sylvia

Diet is generally responsible for on-going issues so tackle the problem at source. From the outside treat white line disease, thrush, seedy toe etc with products you would use on your own body – remember harsh chemicals damage healthy tissue causing reinfection. If a cap of milton solution in a spray bottle of water and sudocreme aren’t fancy enough, or there’s a hole or crack to plug, Red Horse Products are effective, natural and smell very nice to.

Tangle Teezer

Published: Wednesday, 27 April 2011 | Written by: Sylvia

Turned down by the Dragons, those millionaires must be kicking themselves now. This is the brush that saves wild-pony manes from being lopped! No more hair brush handles snapped by knots in tails, this hand size wonder really does tease out tangles effortlessly without the need for detangler, and can also be used on humans! You can find more details on their website: