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Preventing laminitis

Published: Wednesday, 28 April 2010 | Written by: intellig
preventing laminitis Aside from restricting grazing, other anti-laminitis measures include: Avoiding sugar spikes, feed concentrates in small meals and make sure bellies are full of roughage before turnout - grass has a much faster rate of passage through an empty gut, and a sudden influx can upset the bacteria of the hindgut. Hungry horses also consume grass at a considerably faster rate! Providing a consistent habitat for gut flora, they don’t like surprises and if they die in large...

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What’s in the bag

Published: Tuesday, 20 April 2010 | Written by: intellig
Low carbs are important for healthy feet and healthy metabolisms. Most companies don't put carbohydrate content on the label, and some put sugar or starch but not both. Call to ask the manufacturer, and be sure they give the figures for both. We maintain a spreadsheet with the carb, protein, oil and fibre content of common feeds, email with "feed values" in the subject field if you'd like to be sent a copy and receive updates, or if you'd like us to add your feed to...

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Stomach health

Published: Friday, 16 April 2010 | Written by: intellig
Plentiful low-carb forage is essential for physical and emotional wellbeing. Horses produce stomach acid constantly, not just at mealtimes, if you leave a horse for more than four hours without feed you risk causing stomach ulcers.

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